Plan your 2016 racing schedule leading up to and following the Newport Bermuda Race to include all three events in this triathlon of offshore racing. This is a tough series sailed over a scant three consecutive weeks in June. It is a challenge to yacht, skipper and crew to prevail in these three spectacular events and venues:

  • The 162nd New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta in Newport RI
  • Newport Bermuda - The 50th Thrash to Bermuda
  • The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Anniversary Regatta in Bermuda

Yachts must enter their appropriate class and division in each individual event and the series. The cost to enter the series is $120 per yacht.

The traditional Onion Patch Series

All yachts racing in the 2016 Newport Bermuda Race in the St David’s Lighthouse Division or the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Division are invited to compete in the traditional Onion Patch Series. They will compete in each event and be scored by their rank in the Onion Patch sub-fleet for each event... In the NYYC regatta yachts will be ranked by seconds/per/mile to fairly score the competitors being on different race circles or sailing a different number of races- see the NoR for details.

In the traditional Onion Patch Series, yachts are encouraged to form 3-boat teams to compete for the historic Onion Patch Trophy. See the Notice of Series for team qualification details.

Onion Patch Navigators Series

All yachts in the 2016 Newport Bermuda Race Cruiser Division or the St. David’s Division are invited to race in the Onion Patch Navigators Series. In this series yachts sail ‘round the cans’ courses in the NYYC and RBYC regattas. All Onion Patch Navigators Series races will be scored under ORR ratings and ranked in a sub-fleet within the larger fleet for the events.

When you plan your 2016 racing schedule, Include all three events in this triathlon of sailboat racing. Take the challenge. The Onion Patch is one tough series to win.